It starts with safety! At Cabo we believe that making our work environment safe is our top priority even before we get to the worksite. We plan each project beforehand by identifying risks and challenges and using our integrated work plan (IWP) protocols to ensure we can fulfill the requirements of the project and do so without compromising quality and safety. Our project teams are highly trained in each of our service areas and our management team is seasoned with over thirty years of experience. Cabo construction has never failed to complete a construction contract.

In addition, Cabo construction provides a three phase quality control program. This includes a preparatory phase, initial phase, follow up phase.

Quality management all comes down to how you make sure everything you create in a project is of value and maintained well. At Cabo, we leverage our quality control program throughout all phases and roles of each project we implement.

An important enabler to our Approach is the technology that we use to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency on our projects. To manage our projects successfully, we use software that provides instant and accurate job costing to help our teams stay on time and on budget. We streamline our operations between our teams in the field and our administration at headquarters by using construction project management software. Benefits to our clients is that we :

  • Catch issues early by documenting changes
  • Collaborate easily with our clients and subcontractors
  • Organize important project documents and access them no matter where we are
  • Bid more work in less time by cutting out extra steps and eliminating guesswork
  • Run our projects with complete visibility into each task/milestone allowing our teams to reduce miscommunications and manual entry errors as well as proactively change the course of an engagement to stay on schedule and budget.

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We have extensive experience in leveraging the best technology resources available to give us the ability to take on any large engagement with confidence. Preparation is our ultimate tool. When we take on a client we put in the necessary time to plan our jobs so we can do it right the first time.


We work as a united team to give our clients the highest quality service possible. Give us a call today and let our amazing team get started on your next project.